The Best Way To Design Your Service Landing Pages

After a visitor to your website reaches your home page and reads your positioning statement, you want to lead them towards your service landing page as the next step in your prospects road map as they journey from reader to buyer.

On your capabilities landing page, you will have listed a brief and relevant services list. The aim here is for a user to click on a listed item to learn more about this service. That click will take them to a dedicated service landing page.

Depending on what your business offers the subject of this page may vary quite a bit. In the list on our capabilities landing page we had listed items from our own website:

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Analytics

However, yours may not be a service like this. You might offer a different product solution than the one on your initial action button, so your list would be Option A, B, C and D. You might offer different disciplines, phases of work or secondary solutions in your list briefing rather than services per se.

Regardless of what your list looks like, the service landing page layout will be the same.

The service landing page will offer explanations on three key parts:

  1. The problem that exists
  2. How you solve this problem
  3. How your customer can achieve this result (call to action)

Here are some top tips when writing your copy

  1. Look to keep your total word count under 250 words
  2. Be sure to have indexable content
  3. You can include social proof, such as client testimonials
  4. You can list some dot point case studies (this will be the next child page on your customer’s map through your website).
  5. Be sure to have an inviting call to action

Now for us, we have ‘Design’ as part of our services list, however, website design isn’t usually a stand-alone service that we market to our customers, we offer all these services in the list together, as part of our work with our customers on an ongoing basis. 

Our expertise, experience and skills qualify us to deliver all these services with integrity and to the highest quality.

We recognise that customers will need one of these services as a starting point on their journey with us. There is a problem they face and they are seeking assistance to solve it. What their starting point will be might be any of those in the list, which is why each on the list will require the same formatted approach to deliver the solution quickly and clearly to your potential clients.

The aim is to demonstrate how well your offer meets their needs and solves their problem. 

When they are confident that a solution with you is achievable, then they will continue with the sale and be happy to explore other products and packages down the line. 

If we go a little deeper into the example with Chillybin and click on the service of Design, here’s what you will get

1. The problem that exists

It takes three short seconds to impress a visitor before they move onto a competitor’s website. In those few moments, your website design needs to knock your visitor’s socks off.

2. How you solve this problem

Chillybin are the experts in user experience (UX) and understand the fine art of website design and development.

3. Call to Action

If you want to get a better understanding of how we can transform your website, get in touch and let’s create something amazing together.

How can you tell if you have a service/product or option to turn into a Service Landing Page?

When it comes to making your list and creating a detailed page for each of your offerings, it can help to know exactly what will fit. Here’s a little checklist you can use if you are unsure if you have a ‘service’ to include.

  • It provides a unique solution to a specific problem
  • It requires your client to take a specific action 
  • You have people within your team who can assist your client to meet or exceed their goal
  • There are proven, measurable results
  • It is a standalone service or a significant, unique part of a bigger experience

Your service landing page seeks to explain what the service is, how it works, and what the results are when undertaken. It will also be accompanied by a primary action step.

your service landing page seeks to explain what the service is

How to make your Service Landing Page engaging for your prospects

To make your service landing page engaging, be sure to keep it brief. Our example on design is very brief, you can extend it with social proof and case studies if that is appropriate, just be sure to adhere to any privacy policies you have in place and not set your customer in a negative light by highlighting their flaws. We’ll go further into writing effective case studies to include in our next post.

Use evocative language. You want your reader to really step into the scenario and really get a taste of how great things will be for them when the solution is reached. When they can envision the outcome for themselves, you won’t need to sell it any further, they have found what they were looking for.

Just be cautious here not to reveal any secrets that will enable your reader to apply the solution themselves. You want to be sure to convince your reader that you know what you are doing, without giving out a free manual based on your hard work and discovery. It’s about broadcasting your business expertise or product and how unique you are in the market.

When they are confident that a solution with you is achievable, then they will continue with the sale and be happy to explore other products and packages down the line. This of course will be dependent on you providing the quality of service and delivery you promised online. 

You need to be sure that you meet, or more favourably, exceed, your customer’s expectations if you want them to have a satisfying experience, become a case study or offer a testimonial you can use for attracting new leads and keep them on as loyal customers. 

Trust that the testimonials you provide will be a guarantee of success. They will speak at a much larger volume than you can about how great your offering is. Having proof of the value of your service really is a priceless business asset. Showcase this as much as possible.

Make sure you use any related testimonials and case studies if you have them. They are powerful convincing tools that will result in positive action from your prospects.

When making your case study list (ready for the next child page in the process) keep it brief, it’s really just something to click on to learn more. A good working example is the client or project name, a brief description and a button to continue to the next designated page.

Here’s how this looks on a page:

Lucy Project

Lucy is a mobile app that was designed to provide entrepreneurial women everywhere with the tools they need to take control of their financial future, realise their potential, and to grow and …

And we’ve included a brightly coloured link to VIEW CASE STUDY as you can see below:

services landing page lucy portfolio

Finish off with an engaging call to action which might be: 

  • Add to Cart
  • Contact Us
  • Get Started
  • Download
  • Select your Appointment

Don’t be disappointed if your prospect continues further at this point rather than closes the sale, it means you have provided engaging content and they are interested in knowing more. You are on the path to success.

Be sure to see the next article in the series to continue your user engagement and create an incredible user experience on your website.

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