Web Design Portfolio

We work with you one-on-one to shake all your ideas out, and distil them down to work out exactly what is needed to make your business a success.


Aquilius enhances online identity in Asia-Pacific secondaries market.

We partnered with Aquilius Investment Partners to elevate their online presence, creating a modern, visually appealing website that communicates their expertise in the Asia-Pacific secondaries market and embodies their values of professionalism and trust.


Revamping Ackcio’s online presence for global industrial impact.

We partnered with Ackcio to significantly enhance their digital presence across the construction, mining, and rail industries by creating a robust, engaging website that reflects their advanced technological prowess, effectively connects a diverse global audience, and promotes innovative, user-friendly, sustainable digital solutions.


Connecting Thailand with Kitzee’s new business directory.

We collaborated with Kitzee to launch their new business directory, addressing the lack of a centralised platform for connecting homeowners with businesses in Thailand. Our solution focused on creating a user-friendly and modern platform that simplifies the search process, supports bilingual use, and enhances Kitzee's market presence.

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals

Nursing a Biopharmaceutical Website Back to Health.

We collaborated with Spurwing Communications to revamp ASLAN Pharmaceuticals' website, addressing issues like frequent errors, broken links, inconsistent design, and outdated content. Our solution focused on creating a cohesive, user-friendly, and modern platform that enhances ASLAN's brand and operational goals, showcasing their industry leadership.

My Drum School

Crafting an Immersive Digital Experience for Drumming Excellence.

We conceptualised and created a tailored website for My Drum School that resonates their brand identity while offering an exceptional user experience. Our solution focused on key aspects like design, navigation, form management and search functionality to showcase their industry leadership.

Middleton International School

Crafting an Engaging Online Experience for Middleton International School.

We revamped Middleton International School's website with an intuitive, mobile-first design, warm visuals, simplified navigation and engaging content that effectively communicates their exceptional offerings. This led to increased engagement and inquiries.

Schneps Media

Overhauling Schneps Media’s Websites, Boosting User Engagement.

We transformed Schneps Media's digital landscape by revamping the user experience and interface across their varied platforms. Our team's strategic design involved simplifying event calendars and rolling out dynamic content menus, all part of our comprehensive approach to boosting a brand's online engagement.

Indie Collaborates

Indie Collaborates Revamp for Influencer Marketing Success.

We breathed new life into Indie Collaborates by crafting a striking visual identity, developing a dynamic marketing website, and deploying an inventive social marketing app, fundamentally transforming their brand and streamlining operations to gear them towards success.

Ninja Van

Ninja Van's Successful Transition to a User-Friendly Blog Experience.

We embarked on a transformative journey with Ninja Van, converting digital hurdles into groundbreaking successes. We crafted a user-focused blog filled with priceless e-commerce insights and established a fluid user experience that echoes throughout Southeast Asia.


Revitalising 99.co's Blog Experience with Focused SEO and User-Centric Design.

We embarked on a transformative journey with 99.co, overhauling their blog to create an intuitive user experience that not only enhanced SEO performance but also increased content adaptability. Our innovative approach is a testament to how we turn digital aspirations into reality.

Expat Living

Revitalising Expat Living's Web Presence and SEO Performance in Singapore.

We embarked on a rebuilding journey with Expat Living to transform their website after a drop in search rankings. Our full audit and custom solutions boosted stability and revitalised their SEO, enabling them to better serve Singapore's expat community.

Square Fish

Rebranding and redeveloping a website design for a video content agency.

Square Fish had a website prior to engaging Chillybin, however, the design was outdated, the content didn’t follow a purposeful user flow, and it lacked integrations to make booking Square Fish a seamless and integrated process.


Resurrecting and optimising a website without all the bugs.

Ongolo came to us with a website full of bugs which basically rendered the website impossible to use and maintain. With a lot of content to offer, Ongolo’s website needed to present their articles cleanly and support a smooth user experience.


Increasing organic traffic with a new website design.

Jovinna's DIY Squarespace website was a mess and confused her clients. Here's how we helped migrate the site to WordPress with a clear user journey to increase conversions.

Explore Performance

Website design for Singapore's leading performance consultancy.

Explore Performance are the best of the best, but their website didn't show it. Here's how we helped showcase their industry-leading abilities

Arlou & Rose

WooCommerce website for Singapore's best gift box business.

Arlou & Rose needed an eCommerce developer in Singapore - this is the incredible online store we built.


Crafting an Appealing and Functional Website to Boost Coconuts' Presence.

We gave Coconuts a digital revamp, overhauling their website's aesthetics and functionality. Our comprehensive approach focused on intuitive design and robust development, transforming their online presence to better engage audiences across Southeast Asia.

Woh Hup

How we helped Woh Hup redesign their marketing site.

Woh Hup engaged Chillybin to build them a website that showcased their extensive portfolio of work, plus what they can do for potential clients, in a strikingly visual way.

Foxtel Australia

Fresh new web designs for a new era of television.

Foxtel is a household name in Australia, but as streaming services such as Netflix grabbed a foothold in the market, they needed to get their website designs up to the standard their viewers expected - and fast.

Groundswell Events

A cutting-edge website design for Singapore's leading events manager.

Groundswell Events run some of the most popular and best-known events in Singapore, such as Sunset Cinema, Green Run, and Films at the Fort. While they were leading the pack in terms of running events, their website was lagging behind, with customers demanding online payment options.