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Crafting an Immersive Digital Experience for Drumming Excellence


My Drum School (MDS) is a premier institution in Singapore dedicated to drumming excellence. Established in 2007, it has emerged as the people's choice for specialised drum education. With a team of over 45 educators spread across four drum centres, MDS offers first-class drumming education, tailored to meet the needs of each student. Their approach is educator-led, featuring weekly modules and personalised feedback, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Celebrating their 16th anniversary in 2023, MDS continues to be a beacon of drumming expertise in Singapore.


My Drum School


Our role:

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Our Approach

At Chillybin, our approach to the My Drum School project was meticulously tailored to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. We focused on several key aspects:

  • Design Focus: Our primary focus was designing the "Homepage, About, Programmes, and Careers" sections. We ensured that each of these pages had a clear and purposeful user flow, making the website visually appealing and easy to navigate.
  • Advanced Navigation: We developed a full-width mega menu highlighting the website's main sections. This dynamic menu was designed with separate configurations for mobile and desktop users, ensuring optimal device usability. Additionally, we included child navigation sections in the footer and specific child page navigation to streamline the user experience further.
  • Form Management: Recognising the importance of efficient communication, we integrated the Gravity Forms solution for the contact form. This included setting up associated thank you pages and automated emails, enhancing user interaction and response management.
  • Resource Accessibility: To facilitate easy access to valuable resources, we enabled the download management of PDF files and other resources. These could be accessed directly via a link or email, providing users with flexible options to obtain information.
  • Enhanced Search Functionality: Understanding the need for quick and relevant information retrieval, we incorporated a robust front-end keyword search. This feature allows for efficient content search and filtering, prioritising certain content and fields to deliver the most relevant results to users.

Through these focused efforts, we aimed to create a website for My Drum School that was visually striking, highly functional, and user-friendly.

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The Problem

My Drum School approached us with the need for a website overhaul. Their primary goal was to have a digital platform that resonated with their brand's identity and ethos.

They wanted a website that was aesthetically pleasing and user-centric, enabling visitors to easily navigate, find information, and engage with their content.

The challenge was creating a digital space to provide visitors with a "WOW" experience, enhance user engagement, and showcase their reputation and industry leadership.

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The Solution

To address My Drum School's needs, we developed a revamped website that perfectly aligns with its branding and offers an exceptional user experience. Our solution included:

  • Design Focus: We concentrated on designing key pages like the Homepage, About, Programmes, and Careers with a clear and purposeful user flow.
  • Enhanced Navigation: We developed a full-width mega menu for easy access to main sections, with separate configurations for mobile and desktop.
  • Form Management: Integration of the Gravity Forms for efficient contact form management.
  • Resource Accessibility: Enabled easy download and access to PDF files and resources.
  • Search Functionality: Incorporated a robust front-end keyword search for relevant content search and filtering.

This comprehensive approach ensured that the website not only reflected My Drum School's brand identity but also enhanced user interaction and functionality.

Hitting the Right Note with Chillybin

The transformation of My Drum School's website by Chillybin highlights our expertise in delivering tailored web design solutions that meet and exceed our client's expectations. Our focus on user experience, engagement, and digital connection has enabled My Drum School to present a digital front that genuinely represents its status as a leader in drum education. At Chillybin, we are committed to creating digital experiences that resonate with your brand and connect with your audience.

If a revamped digital presence is music to your ears, contact the team at Chillybin today.

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