Website Migration

Get your existing website moved to a better platform - where you remain in control.

We don't like the limitations other website builders place on what you can do, so we only use WordPress so you have complete control over your content, design and functionality.

As a result, migrating to WordPress allows you to update your website much faster, which lets you focus more time on your business instead of fighting against your website tools.

Our developers have years of experience seamlessly migrating websites of all sizes to WordPress. We handle everything from exporting your old site to building a new optimised WordPress website tailored to your needs.

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Migrating since 2009

We love WordPress

We're proud to have been involved exclusively with WordPress since 2003.

We're proud to have over a decade of experience migrating websites to the world's most popular CMS. What does that mean for you? We stay on top of best practices, we leverage the latest migration tools, and we know how to make the process smooth.

We work closely with each client to deeply understand your business goals so we can craft a new WordPress website that achieves them.

Our team pays precision attention to every detail when recreating your site in WordPress. We are committed to perfectly matching designs, content structure and functionality - while also improving site speed, conversion and growth potential.

We build all our WordPress migrations from scratch using optimised themes and evidence-based design principles. Our goal is to migrate not just your content, but also the look, feel and user experience of your existing site.

A Website Migration Team You Can Trust

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Our experienced WordPress migration team has impressed clients globally by flawlessly transitioning them to better performing, higher converting WordPress websites.

A WordPress Agency You Can Trust
We handle every migration fully in-house - we don't outsource
Seamless migration with no downtime
Expert WordPress developers to recreate your site perfectly
Expert WordPress developers to recreate your site perfectly
Ongoing support available after launch

If you're looking to move your website to a superior platform, you've found the right partner.

With years of WordPress expertise, we can migrate your site to one that is faster, more secure and better optimised for traffic, leads and sales growth.

We are your one-stop-shop handling projects from start to finish, and we also provide ongoing WordPress Support, Hosting, Care and Optimisation.

Whether you currently have your site on Wix, Squarespace, Webflow or another platform, we can recreate your site in WordPress. Whether you are based in Singapore, San Francisco, Sydney or anywhere else, it doesn't matter - we work with clients globally.

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Why We Only Use WordPress

While we're passionate about WordPress, we're even more passionate about what you do. We work as partners to build the optimal website to grow your business.

And this is how we make migration magic...

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Revitalising Gloria Jeans' SEO and Franchising Potential.

We injected new vitality into Gloria Jeans Singapore, resolving critical SEO issues stemming from website misconfigurations and transforming an ineffective franchising portal into a magnet for business expansion opportunities. Our strategic enhancements established a strong digital footprint aligned with their Singapore growth goals.

Expat Living

Revitalising Expat Living's Web Presence and SEO Performance in Singapore.

We embarked on a rebuilding journey with Expat Living to transform their website after a drop in search rankings. Our full audit and custom solutions boosted stability and revitalised their SEO, enabling them to better serve Singapore's expat community.

WordPress Developers

We are WordPress experts who will seamlessly transition your current website to a better-performing one you’re proud of. We believe a brilliant website requires strategy and purpose behind the design.

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Worry-Free Migrations

Tired of your current website platform? We make switching to WordPress simple.

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Managing WordPress

Managing your new WordPress website is easy with user-friendly screens and online tutorials. Our support packages are also available.

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Live Preview

See changes in real-time before publishing them live.

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Mobile Responsiveness

Give your users a flawless experience on any device with a mobile-ready site.

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Easy Content Updates

WordPress makes adding new content intuitive and easy without technical skills.

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Global Community

As the world's largest CMS, WordPress has enormous resources for help and support.

Migrate from Squarespace

Unleash Your Online Potential

If your Squarespace site is holding your business back with restrictive templates and limited features, migrating to open and extensible WordPress unleashes full online potential.

Confusing Squarespace interface hampers productivity; Intuitive WordPress backend enables easy site updates without coding skills
Limited Squarespace blogging and SEO capabilities; WordPress has robust built-in blogging tools and granular SEO optimisation
Restrictive Squarespace design options; WordPress offers thousands of customisable templates to make your brand stand out
Little room for growth on Squarespace; Optimised WordPress sites effortlessly scale to enterprise-level traffic
Squarespace lacks integration with essential business tools; WordPress works seamlessly with top CRMs, email marketing, accounting tools and more

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Our expert WordPress migration team knows how to seamlessly transition Squarespace sites to WordPress while retaining their look, feel and functionality. We help unlock all the growth potential Squarespace keeps locked away. If you feel your site is being stifled and are ready for the unlimited possibilities of WordPress, contact us today.

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Migrate from Wix

Boost Your Business not Your Monthly Bills

Wix seduces with 'free' claims and then overcharges for essential business features other platforms include by default. Avoid tricky upsells by migrating to WordPress.

Wix subscription charges recur indefinitely; WordPress enables one-time hosting purchase for huge long-term savings
Wix pesters you to buy premium plans; WordPress delivers full-featured sites without upsells
Limited Wix CSS editing and design expandability; WordPress customisation and integration possibilities are endless
Weak Wix SEO control; In WordPress, granular SEO optimisation is unmatched
Can't move off Wix without rebuilding site; WordPress allows seamless migration to any host or platform

Learn more:

Don't get nickeled and dimed to death by Wix upcharges. Our Wix migration experts help businesses save money in the long term by moving to budget-friendly WordPress. We seamlessly recreate your existing site while unlocking valuable new capabilities for growth. If you're ready to keep more revenue where it belongs, contact us today to start your migration!

Migrate from Weebly

Build a High-Performance Business Website

Weebly is only suitable for simple brochure sites. Serious businesses need advanced tools Weebly lacks. Migrating to enterprise-grade WordPress delivers the high-octane site today's companies require.

Restrictive drag-and-drop Weebly editor lacks design personalization; WordPress offers complete control to customise high-quality page building options and themes
Weak Weebly ecommerce lacks support for diverse payment processors and managing complex product listings; WordPress seamlessly integrates top ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce
Weebly's limited SEO adjustments hinder search engine visibility; In WordPress, granular SEO optimisation is unmatched
Weebly doesn't integrate well with key third-party business apps; WordPress flawlessly connects top tools like CRMs, email marketing and more
Slow Weebly performance fails to engage visitors; Lightning-fast WordPress sites deliver optimal user experiences

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Take your underperforming Weebly site to the next level with our WordPress migration service. Our team combines your existing content with a high-speed modern design leveraging WordPress's enterprise-grade tools for customer engagement and revenue growth. If you're ready for a site that converts, contact us today to schedule your Weebly to WordPress migration!

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Migrate from Webflow

Regain Control Over Your Online Presence

While Webflow offers some initial convenience, you end up locked into their closed system, paying for core features included free in WordPress. Migrating to open-source WordPress gives you flexibility and control over every aspect of your online presence.

Webflow forms and integrations break when leaving their platform; WordPress connections transition smoothly without loss of functionality
Webflow subscription charges recurrent payments; WordPress allows one-time hosting purchase for huge long-term savings
Webflow page builder confuses beginners; Intuitive WordPress backend transparently puts every control at your fingertips
Strict Webflow usage terms and fees; WordPress gives owners full control for free
Limited Webflow integrations; WordPress works with thousands of essential business tools

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Are you tired of paying for core features other platforms deliver for free? Our experts help savvy business owners migrate from Webflow to open-source WordPress for substantial cost savings and greater control. We flawlessly recreate your site while improving performance, security and revenue potential. Take back control of your online presence for good. Contact us today to migrate to WordPress!

Reinvent Your WordPress Site with Modern Simplicity

Unleash Your Website's True Potential

Is your current WordPress site trapped in the past, weighed down by an outdated theme like Divi or WPBakery? Discover the transformative power of a streamlined modern WordPress, meticulously crafted by our team of experts.

Unleash Blazing Speeds: Replace bloated code with ultra-efficient designs, optimised for lightning-fast loading times.
Embrace Mobile-First Design: Ensure your website delivers an impeccable user experience across all devices.
Ditch Clunky Themes: Replace overloaded themes like Divi and WP Bakery with high-performing, user-friendly alternatives.
Streamline Content Migration: Seamlessly migrate your existing content without compromising performance.
Optimise User Flows: Enhance user engagement and conversion rates with a sleek, professional design that conveys credibility and trust.

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Unleash your website's true potential with our expert WordPress migration services. Our team of seasoned professionals will seamlessly transition your website to a modern, high-performance environment, optimizing aesthetics, functionality, and revenue generation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on a transformative journey towards a WordPress website that genuinely empowers your brand.

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Ready to level up your online presence? Our tailored WordPress migration service can make it happen. Contact us to start your migration project.

Our thoughts on WordPress Development


Check out some answers to our most commonly asked Website Migration questions here. If your question isn’t listed, drop us a line, and we’ll answer it immediately.

Website migration is transferring your website from one hosting platform or content management system (CMS) to another. This could be done for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • To improve website performance
  • To gain more control over your website
  • To take advantage of the features of a new CMS
  • To save money on hosting costs

WordPress is a powerful and versatile CMS that is used by millions of websites around the world. It is easy to use, scalable and has a large community of developers and support. Some of the specific benefits of migrating to WordPress include:

  • Increased control: WordPress is an open-source CMS, meaning you have complete control over your website's code and files.
  • Faster performance: WordPress is known for its quick loading times, which can improve your website's SEO and user experience.
  • Improved SEO: WordPress has several built-in SEO features and many third-party SEO plugins available.
  • Greater flexibility: WordPress is a highly customisable CMS, meaning you can create a website unique to your brand and needs.

The length of time it takes to migrate your website will depend on several factors, such as the size and complexity of your website, the amount of data that needs to be transferred, and the experience of the migration team. In general, most website migrations can be completed within a few weeks.

A good migration team will be able to minimise downtime during the migration process. However, there is always a tiny risk of downtime, so planning for this and communicating with your website visitors in advance is crucial.

Your website's content and design should be preserved and optimised for the new theme during the migration process. However, it is always a good idea to back up your website before the migration.

The cost of website migration will vary depending on the size and complexity of your website, the experience of the migration team, and the additional services you require. However, website migration is generally relatively affordable, starting at $4,000.

It is possible to migrate your website yourself, but it is not recommended unless you have experience with website development and migration. There are many risks involved in migrating your website yourself, and it is easy to make mistakes that could damage your website.

When choosing a website migration company, look for a company with experience with migrating websites of a similar size and complexity to yours. The company should also have a good reputation and a team of experienced professionals.

Some of the common challenges of website migration include:

  • Data migration: Transferring your website's data to the new hosting platform or CMS can be complex.
  • Design and functionality: Ensuring your website's design and functionality are preserved during migration can be complicated.
  • SEO: Maintaining your website's SEO ranking during migration can be challenging.

Before you migrate your website, you should:

  • Back up your website: This will ensure that you have a copy of your website in case anything goes wrong during the migration process.
  • Choose a migration company: Select a reputable company with experience migrating websites like yours.
  • Communicate with your website visitors: Let your visitors know that your website will be undergoing maintenance during migration.