Aquilius enhances online identity in Asia-Pacific secondaries market


Aquilius Investment Partners, a leading asset manager specialising in the Asia-Pacific secondaries market, approached us with the goal of elevating their digital presence. They needed a modern, visually appealing website that would effectively communicate their expertise, mission, and unique offerings. The primary objective was to create a platform that exudes professionalism and trust, aligning perfectly with Aquilius’s values and business strategy.


Aquilius Investment Partners


Our role:

Our Approach

To meet Aquilius's objectives, our strategy was multifaceted, focusing on design inspiration, visual elements, and technical implementation. We aimed to create a modern and engaging user experience that aligns with Aquilius's values and effectively communicates their expertise.

Design Solution

  • Inspiration and Aesthetics: Drawing inspiration from the region's beauty, we focused on achieving a subtle, professional, and seamless design. This included incorporating full-screen card layouts, interactive elements, and loading animations to create an engaging user experience. The design was intended to be visually pleasing and reflective of Aquilius's brand values.
  • Visual Elements: We meticulously designed global site elements, adhering to Aquilius's brand guidelines. Custom templates for crucial pages such as the homepage, about, and solutions pages were developed to guide users through a purposeful flow. Each page was crafted to emphasise professionalism and ease of navigation, ensuring users can easily find and understand the information they need.

Development Solution

  • Technical Implementation: The site is crafted with a responsive HTML5 WordPress child theme, enhanced by Bootstrap for visual appeal and cross-device compatibility, ensuring a robust and adaptable user experience.
  • Advanced Custom Fields: We utilised Advanced Custom Fields Flexible Content Modules to allow for easy content changes and updates. This provided Aquilius with the flexibility to manage and update their content efficiently without requiring extensive technical knowledge.
  • Mobile Optimisation: The website is built with a responsive design, fully optimised for mobile use, and rigorously tested across multiple breakpoints to guarantee a consistent and user-friendly experience on any device.

These strategic design and development enhancements were essential in transforming Aquilius's website into a sophisticated, user-friendly platform that effectively communicates their expertise and values.

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The Problem

Aquilius Investment Partners had built their website in-house, which created multiple problems that needed to be addressed. This meant they were faced with significant challenges with their existing online presence, which hindered their ability to effectively communicate with investors and counterparties. These issues needed to be addressed to position Aquilius as a leader in the Asia-Pacific secondaries market.

Presentation and Professionalism

  • Lack of Sophistication: The existing landing page lacked the sophistication expected of a leading asset manager. It did not effectively convey the level of professionalism and expertise that Aquilius embodies.
  • Visual Inconsistencies: The website suffered from visual inconsistencies that detracted from the user experience and undermined the perception of Aquilius as a cohesive, reliable brand.

Content and Communication

  • Ineffective Communication: Aquilius struggled to communicate its mission, values, and unique offerings effectively. The existing content did not adequately highlight the company's expertise or the value they provide to their clients.
  • Insufficient Detail: The website lacked detailed content that potential investors and counterparties needed to make informed decisions. This gap made it difficult for Aquilius to establish trust and credibility.

User Experience and Functionality

  • Navigation Challenges: Users found it difficult to navigate the site and locate pertinent information. The lack of an intuitive user interface hindered engagement and user satisfaction.
  • Technical Limitations: The existing platform was not equipped with advanced technical features needed to support Aquilius's operations, such as effective form management, secure handling of confidential information, and robust analytics.

These problems collectively prevented Aquilius from effectively reaching and engaging their target audience, compromising their ability to grow and strengthen their market position.

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The Solution

To address the challenges identified, we implemented a comprehensive solution focusing on design, content strategy, and technical enhancements. Our approach aimed to transform Aquilius's website into a sophisticated, professional platform that effectively communicates their expertise and values.

Website Design

  • Professional and Trustworthy Aesthetics: The redesign focused on creating a clean, professional, and trustworthy visual aesthetic. We incorporated interactive elements, loading animations, and full-screen card layouts to enhance user engagement and experience.
  • Consistent Visual Elements: Adhering to Aquilius's brand guidelines, we designed custom templates for key pages, ensuring a consistent look and feel across the website. This included a purposeful flow from the homepage to the About and Solutions pages, guiding users through the site intuitively.

Content Strategy

  • Compelling and Clear Messaging: We collaborated with Aquilius to craft compelling content that clearly communicates their mission, values, and unique offerings. The use of professional stock photos and illustrations aligned with the desired subtle and professional aesthetics.
  • Detailed Information: The content strategy included providing detailed information about Aquilius’s services, expertise, and market position. This helped build credibility and trust with potential investors and counterparties.

Technical Features

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Integration of Advanced Custom Fields Flexible Content Modules allowed for easy content updates and changes. This flexibility enabled Aquilius to keep their site current and relevant without extensive technical intervention.
  • Enhanced Navigation and User Interface: The site’s navigation was restructured to be more intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Additional Features

  • LinkedIn Integration and Logo Revision: We assisted in setting up a LinkedIn Company profile and revising the corporate logo to align with the new website design. This ensured a cohesive brand presence across different platforms.
  • SEO and Analytics: Essential behind-the-scenes features such as SEO optimisation and Google Analytics setup were implemented. These enhancements were crucial for improving the website’s visibility and tracking user engagement.
  • Ongoing Training and Support: We provided comprehensive training through video tutorials and live sessions, enabling Aquilius to manage and update the site independently. Ongoing support was also offered for revisions, technical optimisations, and updates.

These strategic solutions resolved the existing issues while positioning Aquilius for future growth and success, ensuring the platform's adaptability for future expansions.

Elevating Trust and Professionalism

The comprehensive enhancements to Aquilius's website have established it as a sophisticated, user-friendly platform that effectively communicates their expertise and values. By addressing key issues in design, content, and technical functionality, we were able to transform Aquilius's online presence, positioning them as a trusted leader in the Asia-Pacific secondaries market.

The new design and enhanced content strategy have made it easier for potential investors and counterparties to understand and trust Aquilius's capabilities. Advanced technical features ensure the site is both secure and easy to navigate, meeting the high expectations of a leading asset manager.

As Aquilius continues to grow, our ongoing support ensures their digital presence remains effective and aligned with their business objectives, fostering sustained growth and reinforcing their reputation in the market. When it comes to investing in a digital presence, Aquilius is now a blue-chip example of success.

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