Connecting Thailand with Kitzee’s new business directory


We were thrilled to partner with Kitzee to overhaul their digital platform, a comprehensive business directory tailored for the Thai market. This project was designed to connect homeowners with over 40,000 businesses across more than 25 categories, simplifying the search and engagement process in a dynamic, bilingual environment.

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Our Approach

To revitalise the Kitzee platform, our comprehensive strategy was twofold: enhancing both design and functionality to cater to the dual needs of homeowners and businesses. Each solution was carefully designed to improve user experience and streamline backend operations.

Design Solution

  • Visual Consistency: We refreshed the Kitzee brand with a modern aesthetic that appeals to both English and Thai speakers. This involved a clean, intuitive layout that maintains brand identity while enhancing user navigation and interaction.
  • Responsive Design: Given the high mobile usage among the platform’s users, we prioritised a responsive design that adapts seamlessly to different devices, ensuring a smooth browsing experience even on the go.

Development Solution

  • Advanced Search Implementation: By integrating Algolia Elasticsearch, we enhanced the search capabilities of the platform, allowing users to perform detailed searches quickly and efficiently. This feature was pivotal in improving the functionality of the directory.
  • Robust Backend Development: The backend was a significant focus, involving the integration of multiple systems including Gravity Forms, Paid Memberships Pro for membership management, and Advanced Custom Fields for detailed user and company profiles.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: We implemented multi-stage verification processes to ensure the authenticity of businesses and the security of homeowners' interactions on the platform.

This dual approach tackled the immediate challenges and also set the stage for Kitzee’s ongoing digital success, ensuring the platform's adaptability for future expansions.

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The Problem

Before our revamp, Kitzee's platform struggled with several critical issues that hindered both user satisfaction and operational efficiency:

  • Inadequate Search Functionality: The existing search tools were not robust enough to handle the large and diverse database of businesses, making it difficult for homeowners to find suitable services quickly.
  • User Experience Challenges: The site suffered from a lack of intuitive navigation and responsiveness, particularly affecting mobile users who represent a significant portion of the traffic.
  • Complex Backend Operations: The backend of the platform was cumbersome and not well-integrated, causing difficulties in managing profiles, memberships, and user interactions efficiently.
  • Security Concerns: Adequate verification processes for businesses and homeowners were lacking, which raised concerns about the credibility and safety of transactions within the platform.

These issues compromised the usability of the platform, which threatened to undermine Kitzee’s reputation as a reliable business directory in Thailand.

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The Solution

Addressing the issues identified required a holistic approach that enhanced both the user experience and the technical robustness of the Kitzee platform.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

  • Algolia Elasticsearch Integration: We implemented Algolia's powerful Elasticsearch technology to refine the search functionality. This allowed for rapid, accurate, and efficient searches, drastically improving user satisfaction by making it easier for homeowners to find exactly what they need.

User Experience Improvements

  • Design Overhaul: We revamped the user interface to be more intuitive and visually appealing, with a focus on mobile responsiveness to accommodate the significant number of users accessing the platform via mobile devices.
  • Simplified Navigation: The platform's navigation was restructured to be more logical and straightforward, enabling users to find information faster and with less hassle.

Backend and Security Enhancements

  • System Integration: We streamlined the backend by integrating critical systems like Gravity Forms for user submissions, Paid Memberships Pro for handling different subscription levels, and Advanced Custom Fields for a deeper customisation of user profiles.
  • Multi-Stage Verification Processes: To enhance security, we introduced rigorous multi-stage verification processes for both businesses and homeowners, significantly reducing the risk of fraud and improving trust in the platform.

Ongoing Support and Development

  • Fluent Support and CRM Integration: We integrated Fluent Support for managing customer service inquiries and Fluent CRM for customer relationship management, allowing Kitzee to maintain excellent ongoing engagement with its users.

These strategic improvements resolved the existing issues while positioning Kitzee for future growth and success, ensuring that the platform could evolve with the changing needs of its users.

Building a Better Connection

The comprehensive enhancements to the Kitzee platform have transformed it into a more robust, user-friendly business directory that is a market leader for reliability and efficiency in Thailand's digital marketplace. The improvements revitalised the platform's interface and functionality and reinforced the trust and satisfaction of its users—both homeowners and businesses.

As Kitzee continues to grow and adapt, our ongoing collaboration ensures that the platform remains at the cutting edge, always ready to meet the dynamic needs of its users.

Whether you're building a business or searching for services, Kitzee is the cornerstone of quality connections. Here's to constructing successful relationships—one click at a time!

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