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Nursing a Biopharmaceutical Website Back to Health


Our engagement with Spurwing Communications to revamp the ASLAN Pharmaceuticals website marked a significant milestone in their digital transformation. Faced with a number of challenges such as multiple errors, broken links, inconsistent design elements, limited multilingual capabilities, and outdated content, our mission was clear: to create a more cohesive, user-friendly, and up-to-date online presence that not only aligned with, but enhanced the company's brand and operational goals.


ASLAN Pharmaceuticals


Our role:

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Our Approach

To address the multiple challenges presented by the existing ASLAN Pharmaceuticals website, our comprehensive strategy encompassed both design and development improvements. These enhancements were planned out through our personalised Discovery Session and beyond to ensure an immediate and significant impact, while aligning seamlessly with ASLAN's long-term digital and corporate strategies.

Design Solution

  • Aesthetic Refinement: We aimed to revitalise the visual appeal of the ASLAN Pharmaceuticals website by enhancing the colour schemes, typography, and layout. This revamp maintained the brand's core visual identity while introducing a more contemporary and engaging aesthetic that better communicates the company's innovative spirit.
  • Consistent User Interface: Recognising the importance of consistency in design, we standardised visual elements and interactive features across all pages. This corrected the previously inconsistent user experience and reinforced the brand's professional image.

Development Solution

  • Front-End Flexibility with Beaver Builder: By integrating Beaver Builder, we empowered the ASLAN team with a powerful tool for front-end customisation. This change offered them the ability to dynamically adjust layouts and content, responding adeptly to the needs of their diverse audience.
  • Advanced Content Classification: We developed new custom post types to effectively organise and present resources and team information. This enhancement simplified the management of content, making the website more navigable and user-friendly.
  • Integration and Synchronisation: In collaboration with the agency responsible for revamping ASLAN's Investor Relations platform, we ensured that the design elements on both platforms were synchronised for a seamless user experience. Additionally, we integrated a press release feed from the IR platform into the corporate website, keeping stakeholders informed of the latest updates directly on the main site.

These strategic design and development enhancements were key to transforming the ASLAN Pharmaceuticals website into a more functional, engaging, and cohesive online presence, setting a new standard for their digital communication strategy.

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The Problem

When Spurwing Communications approached us, the ASLAN Pharmaceuticals website was facing significant issues that undermined its effectiveness and user engagement. The site suffered from numerous technical problems and outdated design elements that detracted from the user experience:

  • Widespread Technical Errors: Visitors frequently encountered broken links and error messages, which frustrated users and hindered access to essential medical information and resources.
  • Inconsistent Design: The website displayed a patchwork of styles and formats, resulting in a disjointed and unprofessional appearance that failed to reflect the innovative nature of ASLAN Pharmaceuticals.
  • Limited Multilingual Support: Despite serving a global audience, the website's multilingual capabilities were partial and poorly implemented, impeding communication with non-English speaking users.
  • Outdated Content: Information about key products and treatments was not regularly updated, leading to inaccuracies that could affect the credibility and trustworthiness of ASLAN Pharmaceuticals.

These issues collectively created a pressing need for a comprehensive overhaul of the website to better meet the needs of ASLAN Pharmaceuticals’ diverse audience and to support their position as innovators in the pharmaceutical industry.

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The Solution

Recognising the critical challenges presented by the ASLAN Pharmaceuticals website, we devised a strategic overhaul that focused on both design and functionality to enhance user interaction and site reliability.

Design Improvements:

  • Visual Consistency: We standardised the visual elements across the website, creating a cohesive and professional look that better represents ASLAN Pharmaceuticals' innovative approach to healthcare.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The redesign incorporated a refreshed colour palette and modern typography to improve readability and engage users more effectively.

Development Enhancements:

  • Beaver Builder Integration: We equipped the website with Beaver Builder technology, greatly increasing the flexibility of the front end, allowing the ASLAN team to easily customise and update content as needed.
  • Content Structuring: New custom post types were implemented to efficiently organise information on resources, team profiles, and product details, facilitating easier navigation and user engagement.
  • Updated and Accurate Content: Regular updates were established as a new protocol to keep the website's information on treatments and products current and reliable.

In addition to these technical and aesthetic upgrades, we ensured that the new website design was aligned with the ongoing redesign of the Investor Relations platform. This synchronicity provides a unified experience across both platforms, enhancing the overall corporate identity and user satisfaction.

A Healthy Transformation

Through our collaborative efforts with Spurwing Communications, the revitalised ASLAN Pharmaceuticals website now harnesses the power of thoughtful design and strategic development. The new website has eliminated the previous challenges and also sets a new benchmark for digital excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. With enhanced functionality, consistent aesthetics, and updated content, ASLAN Pharmaceuticals is better equipped to communicate its groundbreaking work and connect with audiences worldwide.

As we continue to support ASLAN Pharmaceuticals in their digital journey, we remain committed to ensuring that their online presence is as advanced and reliable as the treatments they develop. After all, in the world of pharmaceuticals, staying current isn't just good practice—it's a prescription for success.

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