How Prospect Experience Design Creates Better Websites

how prospect experience design creates better websites

There is one thing nearly every business owner wants from their website: Leads. That’s right, you want your website to entice people to take positive action regarding your business. That might be buying your products, taking up your services, visiting your showroom, signing up for courses, subscribing, or maybe even buying from your sponsors. 

The numbers don’t lie, and leads (or lack of them) leave a trail that can be tracked, analysed and dissected. That’s how we know which website designs thrive, which fail, and which flap about in the middle. 

Of course, you don’t want a mediocre website. Nobody does. You want a fast, responsive site that builds credibility and generates sales. You want the numbers ticking over in your favour and your business to be a groundbreaking success.

Prospect Experience Design is a strategic plan specific to generating quality leads. It’s a proven way to achieve online business success. 

This in-depth guide to Prospect Experience Design will give you everything you need to understand how it works, so buckle up and get ready to create or redesign your website for a targeted user-experience, using a design approach primed to get the leads you need for business success.

how traditional web designs work

How traditional web designs work

You may be familiar with, or trained in, User Experience Design (UX) for websites. This type of web design is all about making the user feel satisfied. It works by offering easy navigation, greater accessibility and a likeable interface for pleasurable browsing. Do visitors take action and commit at the checkout? Probably not.

The reason for this is simple, not everyone is ready to buy. 

Some people are just curious, some are interested but not motivated to make the commitment, others are ready to go right now, but need some direction. 

Rather than waste time convincing the luke-warm users to jump in, there is an approach to web design that ignores everyone but those hot-to-trot buyers looking for direction. 

Rather than provide a fun place to browse, you give them detailed steps for how to reach their end goal.

When you allow your web user to do whatever they like, you have zero control over what they’ll do. When you know exactly what they want, you can step them through a directed design that leads to a desirable result.

This is the approach known as Prospect Experience Design (PX), and as an experienced website design agency, is something we focus on heavily for our clients.

In addition to an engaging web design, PX design focuses on a particular type of buyer and speaks directly to them. It drills down to their exact needs, their exact goals and delivers on this. 

What you get is a crystal clear direction for your user to take, then you attract and funnel those guests who are motivated to see results now. That means you see more commitment, a greater number of finalised sales and these happy customers will return again and again.

It’s not just about increasing the number of leads, Prospect Experience Design is about elevating the quality of the leads, making sure you pursue best-fit leads that are more likely to close in your favour.

No matter how carefully, or precisely you create the UX design, you won’t see the kind of leads you need, because there is no direction towards any goal.

PX is about funnelling the right customers through, and saying goodbye to anyone not ready or not a great fit. 

A lot of business owners have trouble getting their head around this concept, and many too, are terrified to execute it. 

They want to believe that their product or offering is right for everyone, that everyone will want it, and that’s where they will make their money. The very thought of shedding customers seems wrong. 

From a business perspective reaching out to everyone is pure waste. You are pouring time, money and energy into engaging with people who really don’t need or desire what you offer. Even if you do manage to convince them, they will not be wowed by their experience, they probably won’t come back, and they won’t offer glowing praise for what you’ve done for them.

In order to send a clear and focused message that attracts and delivers, you need to have a clear and focused audience to send it to.

With Prospect Experience Design you get to keep the visitors that are the best fit for your services and put your energy into their completed sale. So, yes, while your web visitors will have fewer options, the options you give them are desirable enough that they stay with you.

Lead generation websites depend on clear, targeted communication

You need to know exactly who your ideal customer is. Then spend time focusing on the goals that are unique to them and what they need help with when it comes to achieving their goal. 

When you match your product or service to that goal, you will have lit an irresistible beacon leading straight to you.

This approach works in a number of ways:

  1. Voice and tone specific to your target user
  2. Targeted interactions based on user needs
  3. Direction towards specific outcomes

Prospect Experience Design is all about creating a win-win situation, where the customer gets exactly what they need for success, by committing to your business.

As you can guess, identifying your ideal customer is the first, and biggest step in this process. Because Prospect Experience Design is so valuable, we’ll be dedicating a whole series of informative blogs to walk you through creating or redesigning your website to see high-quality lead generation.

These articles are designed for the practical application Prospect Experience Design for your website that will bring targeted results so that you can meet, and exceed your business expectations.

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