The Best Way To Use Landing Pages On Your Website

Landing Pages can greatly increase your conversion rate from as little as three percent to as much as ten percent and beyond.

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Landing pages are tricky. They can greatly increase your conversion rate from as little as three percent to as much as ten percent and beyond. That’s a pretty big deal especially if your website receives a large amount of visitors every day.

Landing pages are further complicated by the fact that they can irritate visitors if not done correctly or worse, drive them away.

So, what is the right way to use landing pages?


Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

The biggest mistake people make when creating landing pages is making unappealing offers. For example, many websites offer free trials or free consultations on their landing pages. However, many of the people visiting your website have probably already looked into those things. Most businesses offer these kinds of services and they’re fairly easy to obtain. If you really want to increase your conversion rate, you need to make a unique offer that visitors can’t refuse.

Ebooks are a simple thing to offer on a landing page. You can also ask visitors to sign up for an email list as long as that landing page outlines the benefits they’ll enjoy by signing up. Highly visual, interactive landing pages are popular too. Think fun quizzes that lead visitors to the perfect product and free downloadable flipbooks.

Create Multiple Landing Pages to Appeal to All Visitors

Knowing your customer segments is important. You can’t effectively market your product or service to everyone the same way. Although many people understand this concept on its surface, it’s surprising how many people don’t implement it correctly and the resulting mistakes can often be seen on landing pages.

One landing page doesn’t fit all. Landing pages should be catered to your visitors. Even if you’re offering the same freebie, the language needs to change depending on the content your visitor is trying to access. For example, a local gym might create separate landing pages for their cycling class and their water aerobics class because they appeal to very different clients.

Choose a Simple Design, Which Includes an Either/or Option

It’s easy to get carried away with a landing page and before you know it, the page looks like one of the pages on your website. If it takes more than a second to take in all the information on the landing page, you’re doing it wrong. A simple design is best.

Perhaps the most important feature of a landing page is that there are only two options. Either opt-in or opt-out. Any more options than that and your landing page won’t be effective.

Make sure your page loads quickly and make the opt-out option obvious so that you don’t lose visitors who aren’t interested in your landing page offer. If you’re having trouble designing effective landing pages, we can help. From the design to the content and even what’s being offered, we can help you create landing pages that turn visitors into customers.

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