What They Don’t Tell You about Launching a New Website

Why Aren't People Visiting My Website?

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Building the perfect website takes hard work and tonnes of time but if you do it right, it can greatly enhance your business. When the finishing touches are finally added and you are launching a new website, you are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. If you build it, they will come. But they don’t come.

Surely after all that time, preparation, and planning you didn’t accidentally do something wrong when building your site? You probably didn’t do anything wrong, they just don’t tell you how difficult it can be to attract foot traffic to your website.

Why Aren’t People Visiting My Website?

Even if you have extensively researched and optimised your website for keywords and keyword phrases, it can still be very difficult for someone searching on Google to find your site. SEO is notoriously finicky and popular phrases change all the time. Even if your site is searchable, if it doesn’t show up on the first page, no one will ever know it exists.

It’s a bit like opening a new store. People who happen to walk by the store know it’s there but there are likely people all over town who would make a special trip if only they knew you existed. How would you spread the word about your traditional brick and mortar business?

The Key Is Advertising When Launching a New Website

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With a brick and mortar business, you would likely place a few ads in the local newspaper. You might pass out fliers and post them on the bulletin boards of local businesses. If you have a fairly decent advertising budget, you may even consider a radio or TV ad. So, the question becomes how do you advertise your website?

The good news is that there are tonnes of ways you can advertise your website but choosing a few different methods is a great way to ensure that you reach your target audience.

Give affiliate marketing a try. This allows you to pay partners to advertise your products for you. They receive a special link that goes directly to your website. If the visitor makes a purchase, you simply pay your affiliate a commission.

Advertise with banners and information on various websites. It’s a bit like running an ad in the local newspaper. Consider a text ad on Google, post a banner ad on Facebook, or place advertisements in blog articles, both yours and others’. Nearly every website allows for ads so think about your target market and purchase a few ads on sites they frequent. As people start discovering your website, you can encourage people to add your business on Facebook and you can use email marketing to keep them coming back for more.

Creating an effective advertising campaign can be tricky so it’s definitely worth your time to enlist the help of the experts at Chillybin. We can create a custom advertising campaign that will put your website on the map.

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