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The process of building a website for the Internet is known as website development. Website development can range from creating simple static text pages to complex web applications, eCommerce businesses, and landing pages.

Website Development

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It takes a lot to create an eye-catching, user-friendly website, from functionality and appearance to navigation and coding. And that’s just the beginning. Designers and developers need to work together to create websites that will be found by search engines, engage customers, and generate conversions.

Your website needs to make a lasting impression on your existing clients as well as potential new customers. The below points play a big role in successful website development and serve as a guide to how well your website serves your present and future needs, targets your audience’s expectations, and can scale to meet future needs.

  1. Domain name
  2. Domain hosting
  3. Site purpose
  4. Site map
  5. Your target audience
  6. Calls to action
  7. Brand image
  8. Ease of navigation
  9. SEO optimisation
  10. Tracking & analytics

WordPress is the most popular CMS available today. WordPress-powered websites account for 26 per cent of the web.

WordPress receives 2,740,000 searches each month and this number is growing every day!

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