How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

It’s the question we get asked almost every day, so we thought it about time that we created a quick and easy article that fields all the questions involved. With this short read, you’ll find out how long your website will take, learn about some of the key stages involved, and get some exclusive top tips on how to get things moving faster.

I need it by the end of the week…

Okay, so we’ll get this one out of the way right at the start. If someone promises to build you a website in a couple of days, you won’t hear what you want when you approach a professional web design agency hoping they’ll match their offer.

This is because building a website is a technical, time-consuming, and highly detailed undertaking. If you want to do it right, it’s not something you throw together in a couple of hours. Here are three things you need to take into account when you’re reviewing the turnaround times you’re quoted:

  • The most skilled developers don’t just sit idle — they’re sharpening their skills by continuously working on new projects. If you expect them to start writing code 30 minutes after you hire them, you will be disappointed. That said, a skilled team will have a steady workflow they can manage.
  • They will have developed a proven approach that ensures they can give every web design project their best. It takes that long not because they want to keep you waiting but because they’ve homed in on a structured approach due to delivering hundreds of projects.
  • The time it takes to hand over key information, review what’s created, and request changes must also be factored in. You might be someone who has everything ready, or you might be someone who isn’t aware of the level of input you’ll need to have.
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How We Work

Exploring the constraints faced by a typical web design agency provides valuable insights. However, to truly understand their impact, we must delve into the intricacies. That’s why we’re eager to guide you through our key process steps and offer practical ways to contribute, accelerating progress.

Web design encompasses aesthetics, functionality, and user experience. Each project demands attention to detail, and we thrive on finding innovative solutions. Our comprehensive approach involves research, conceptualisation, design iterations, and meticulous testing. Collaboration and your input at every stage ensure your vision is realised efficiently.

From brainstorming to implementation, our skilled team creates captivating interfaces and seamless experiences. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to bring your website to life while staying ahead of trends. Transparency and accountability are crucial, with regular updates and progress reports. Together, we can overcome constraints and create an extraordinary online presence.

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Onboarding & Project Kick-off

The onboarding and project kick-off phase sets the foundation for the entire project, establishing the direction and tone for what lies ahead. During this critical stage, your input becomes invaluable. As web design and development experts, we lead you through our process while ensuring we understand your unique requirements.

We begin by immersing ourselves in your brand, vision, and audience. This initial discovery session lets us gain deep insights into your business goals and target audience needs. As part of this process, we have prepared various discovery questions to explore your brand’s essential aspects. This is not a test of your web design knowledge; it is an opportunity for you to share everything we need to know about your brand and your target audience.

We understand that time is essential, so we encourage you to come prepared to make the most of this session. By providing us with an elevator pitch-length introduction to your brand and business, you can efficiently bring us up to speed on your unique identity. Additionally, having a clear idea of your website’s overall aim and purpose and a thorough understanding of your target audience will further streamline the onboarding process.

We typically allocate one to two weeks for the onboarding and discovery phase to ensure a successful outcome. This timeframe allows us to delve deep into your brand’s essence and align our strategies accordingly. By coming prepared and providing the necessary insights, you can help expedite this process, enabling us to gather all the essential information we need to create a tailored web solution.

Your active involvement during the onboarding and project kick-off phase will set the stage for a successful partnership, enabling us to create a website that authentically represents your brand and resonates with your target audience.

Website Design & Strategy

At this stage of the process, we rely on your valuable input to shape the aesthetics and visuals of your website. We understand that design preferences can be subjective, so your guidance is crucial in guiding us in the right direction. We don’t expect you to provide us with step-by-step instructions, but we need your overall direction and vision to ensure we create a website design that aligns with your preferences.

To help us in this endeavour, here are a few actions you can take:

  1. Gather your crucial branding elements: Your brand’s colours, logos, taglines, and preferred writing style. By sharing these key components, we can gain an instant overview of your website’s desired look and feel. Your branding elements serve as a foundation for the design process, allowing us to craft a visual representation that resonates with your brand identity.
  2. Identify preferred and avoided styles: If you have encountered websites you particularly like or dislike, please share them with us. Identifying specific styles that appeal to you or should be avoided helps us better understand your aesthetic preferences. This information guides our design decisions, ensuring the final product aligns with your desired visual direction.
  3. Provide timely and specific feedback: Once we present you with the draft visual website in Figma, we encourage you to review it promptly and provide detailed feedback. Be specific about any changes or adjustments you would like to see. Your feedback is instrumental in refining the design and bringing it closer to your vision. The sooner we receive your feedback, the more efficiently we can progress with the design process.

This phase typically spans three to four weeks, although it can extend further depending on the specificity and lead time of the feedback received. We understand that crafting the perfect design takes time, and we are committed to working closely with you to ensure that your website meets and exceeds your expectations.

By actively participating in this stage and providing us with your valuable input, you contribute to creating a visually captivating and engaging website that embodies your brand’s essence. Together, we will transform your vision into a digital reality that captures the attention of your target audience and reflects your unique identity.

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Website & WordPress Development

Now that we have reached the stage of translating the visual website into a fully functional site, we embark on the development of the complete WordPress theme. This pivotal phase usually spans three to five weeks, during which we focus on transforming the captivating visuals into a seamless and interactive online experience. To ensure a smooth development process and align the final product with your expectations, we highly value your input and any changes or modifications you may have.

As we progress with the development, it would be immensely beneficial if you can provide us with any anticipated issues or concerns regarding the work you have seen thus far. Your proactive approach allows us to address potential challenges early, ensuring a more efficient and successful development process. We appreciate your attentiveness in sharing valuable insights and collaborating with us to create the best possible outcome.

Furthermore, engaging in discussions about the functionality and brand presence you expect to see on your demo site is vital. By openly communicating your expectations, desires, and specific requirements, we can tailor the development process to align with your unique vision. Your active involvement during this stage ensures that the final WordPress theme encapsulates the desired functionality and accurately represents your brand.

Throughout the development process, we build exclusively on the WordPress platform. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, WordPress empowers us to create dynamic and highly customisable websites. We utilise Beaver Builder as our page builder framework to further enhance development. This powerful tool lets us easily craft visually stunning layouts, providing flexibility and creative freedom. Additionally, we extend the capabilities of Beaver Builder using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, which enables us to create tailored and personalised website experiences.

As we develop the WordPress theme, we remain committed to working closely with you, providing regular updates, and addressing any questions or concerns. Together, we will bring your vision to life, transforming the visuals into a fully functional website that reflects your brand’s identity and captivates your audience.

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Content Loading & Demo Website Review

At this stage, your website begins to take shape as we dedicate a week to transforming your WordPress theme into a functional demo site. During this crucial period, all the requested content and images are uploaded, allowing you to explore and navigate the website to see how things are progressing. The demo site becomes a pivotal part of the web design process as it provides the first opportunity for you to interact with our vision for your web presence.

The demo site serves as a window into the future of your website, enabling you to click around and experience firsthand how your ideas and requirements are being translated into a tangible digital presence. This hands-on experience empowers you to actively participate by providing valuable feedback and insights that shape the outcome.

Throughout the one to two-week demo website review, we encourage you to test and explore the various functionalities and features thoroughly. By immersing yourself in the demo site, you can better understand its functionality, responsiveness, and user experience. As you navigate through the pages, take note of any areas that require improvement or adjustments, and share your feedback with us. Your input is crucial in refining the website and ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your goals and expectations.

We understand the significance of this stage as it represents the first opportunity for you to engage with our interpretation of your web presence. Your active involvement and feedback allow us to fine-tune the design, incorporate any necessary changes, and ensure the website is on track to exceed your expectations.

During this phase, our team is dedicated to delivering a demo site that truly reflects your vision. We value your input and appreciate your active involvement in this process. Together, we will refine the website, incorporate your feedback, and create a compelling online presence that captures the essence of your brand and resonates with your audience.

Website Launch!

Congratulations, we have reached the final stage of the web design process! This is a significant milestone; your input and feedback are more crucial than ever. If you are eager to see your website go live quickly and efficiently, we highly recommend scheduling a project launch call after the demo site testing completion and sign-off. By taking this proactive step, we can initiate the launch process promptly and deliver a live website within a few days.

We will collaborate closely during the project launch call to ensure a smooth and successful launch. Your valuable input and insights are instrumental in making this final step successful. We will discuss any final modifications, adjustments, or additions you would like to see before the website goes live. Your feedback at this stage is vital in ensuring the website aligns with your vision and meets your goals.

Once the launch call is completed, our dedicated team will work diligently to execute the launch process promptly. We will handle the technical aspects, such as configuring hosting settings, domain mapping, search engine optimisation, and implementing necessary security measures. We aim to provide a seamless transition from the demo site to a live website that showcases your brand and captivates your target audience.

The website launch marks an exciting new chapter for your online presence. We are thrilled to be a part of this journey with you. Let’s work together to unveil your website and establish a compelling digital presence that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

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Common Mistakes You Need to Know About

Now that we have delved into the progression of our web design projects, it’s important to familiarise yourself with common mistakes we have encountered over the years. By being aware of these pitfalls, you can ensure a smoother and more efficient website development process. Let’s explore these mistakes and learn how to avoid them so that you can experience a faster-paced project.

Assuming the developer knows as much about your brand as you do.

One of the key mistakes to avoid is assuming that your web developer has the same level of knowledge about your brand as you do. Remember, even if your brand is well-known, you possess the most intimate familiarity with its nuances. To avoid misunderstandings and save time, be specific about your goals and provide your web design team with comprehensive insights into your brand identity. Sharing your knowledge will empower the team to create a website that truly captures the essence of your brand.

Not designating a member of your team to act as the liaison.

To maintain effective communication throughout the project, it is essential to designate a dedicated point of contact within your team. This liaison will bridge your organisation and the web development team, ensuring that information flows smoothly and promptly. By streamlining communication channels and avoiding the excessive involvement of multiple team members, you can prevent delays and maintain clarity in project discussions.

Providing non-committal feedback

When requesting changes or amendments, providing clear and specific feedback is crucial. While the web design team aims to create a website you love, vague or non-committal feedback can hinder progress. To bring your vision to life, provide precise instructions and clearly express your preferences. By doing so, you empower the team to make the necessary adjustments efficiently and accurately, ultimately accelerating the project timeline.

By familiarising yourself with these common mistakes and implementing the suggested strategies, you can overcome potential hurdles and optimise the web design process. By working collaboratively and avoiding these pitfalls, your website development journey will be more streamlined and successful. Let’s build a remarkable online presence that showcases your brand’s uniqueness and resonates with your target audience.

What Happens Next?

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