How To Write Your First Blog Post

So you’ve decided you want to start a blog. That’s great, welcome to the blogosphere! Starting your own blog can be an exciting experience although for some, it can be intimidating and scary. There are literally millions of blogs on the internet today. In fact some of our favorite websites are actually professional blogs that are so well-written that we barely notice that they are blogs.

If you’re new to this blogging business, you might feel like getting in over your head with this whole endeavor. But don’t worry; we’ll help you get started on your first blog post!

Choose Your Topic Wisely

How to Write Your First Blog Post-featuredimage2Before sitting down to write anything, you’re obviously going to need to know what you will be writing about. You should always consider who your blog is trying to target.

If your blog is about gaming and the e-sports scene then your target audience is going to be gamers who are into e-sports. Meanwhile, if your blog is about web development or graphic design then your audience will be people and communities that have inclinations towards these themes.

One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make is having nor target audience. If your blog posts are totally random and not related to your blog’s overall theme, then people will not visit your site. Moreover, you will also lose authority in the eyes of search engines.

Make Sure To Do Your Research

The only thing worse than disinformation is misinformation. If you’re going to write on a subject, it’s a good idea to actually know what you’re talking about. One of the quickest ways for a blog to be discredited and go down in flames is when you write about things that you don’t have a good understanding of.

If someone credible in that area of expertise reads your posts and find out you don’t know what you’re talking about, they will likely recommend to their followers to avoid your blog. You don’t want this to happen.

The goal of most bloggers aspire to have an authority blog. An authority blog is a blog that contains tons of high quality articles relevant to a niche topic and/or sub topic of that niche. Authority websites also receive high levelsof traffic and are typically great for monetizing with affiliate marketing as the blog grows.

Always make sure that you’ve read up on and already have a good understanding of the topics that you choose. If you’re blog is meant to inform people then it’s only right that you have accurate information to share with them.

Actually Writing the Blog Post

How to Write Your First Blog Post-featuredimage3Writing blog posts is the hardest part for some people. The most common scenario for people trying to write articles and blog posts goes a little something like this:

You sit down in your chair full of excitement. You’re ready to quickly convert the millions of ideas in your head into something that looks great on paper and your readers will love. After opening up your word processor of choice, you then find yourself staring at the blank document in a trance, with absolutely no idea what to write or how to get started.

If this sounds all too familiar to you, then don’t feel bad. Most first time bloggers (and even longtime bloggers) experience mental blocks. Most of the time, this is because they are over thinking. The secret to writing any type of article or blog post is simply writing the same way you normally speak.

When you’re speaking to a friend or anyone in general about a topic, you don’t spend hours on end figuring out the perfect thing to say. You just say it! That’s the same principle when it comes to writing. Just write in the same way that you would say it if you were having a conversation with someone. Not only does it come out sounding natural and not canned, but it also allows you to write an article in only 20-30 minutes compared to the three hours it may have taken you otherwise.


Writing your first blog post isn’t as hard as you might think. People often make it out to be something really tough and hard to do, but it’s actually easy. As long as you make sure that your content flows nicely and it’s grammatically correct then you’re on your way to blogging success.

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