Why are we so cheap? Working with us vs a larger agency

When you’re looking to build a new website for your business, the decision to go with a smaller agency (like us) or a big agency can be a tricky one. 

There are so many options, from a dodgy freelancer you found on Upwork who bangs out templated sites from their mum’s basement, all the way up to agencies who have an office with a million dollar view – and the price tag to match. 

You may have heard the proverb ‘a poor man pays twice’ which when first coined, may have been about website design

When you go for the Upwork freelancer option, you get what you pay for. A cheap site that is buggy, slow, and full of issues. You will quickly see that the site needs to be scrapped, and there you have it, time to pay twice.

To clarify, we wouldn’t classify ourselves as ‘cheap’ when it comes to pricing, our websites often start at $6,000 and increase from there depending on your needs, however, we are a lot cheaper than the big agencies with the flashy offices, suits, and cars who charge $20-30k minimum on a simple build. 

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During the quotation process we are often asked why we are so cheap, here are three reasons why… 

We are a small team

Most big agencies will have teams of people working on marketing, sales, and admin, and that’s before you look at the developers doing the actual work. 

Being a small but tight-knit team makes us more agile, and everyone on the team is 100% committed to getting you the best outcome. 

This means you can speak directly with the people working on your site, you won’t get ‘lost in the system’ and have to chase things up multiple times, and most importantly, it makes your project cheaper.

Why Are We So Cheap Working With Us Vs A Larger Agency We Are A Small Team

No in-person meetings

We often get asked to come to a prospective clients office to present a quote, and the answer to this is almost always ‘no’. 


On the surface it may sound simple enough, jump in a Grab, deliver a presentation, and head back to the office.

However, a simple 30 minute presentation still needs to allow for at least one hour of travel in each direction by the time you account for ordering a taxi or navigating the trains, finding the office, and making sure you allow enough time to be early. 

If we were to take three-plus hours out of our day multiple times per week, this leaves us less time to do the actual work on your project, and the bottom line is time is money, so that time spent sitting in the back of a car needs to be accounted for somewhere…

We prefer to host all our meetings via Zoom to help cut down on wasted travel time, and because it gives us the opportunity to share our screen to show you progress and invite questions.

We focus on one main thing

While bigger agencies can have multiple departments, all working on separate tasks and projects, we like to focus on one main thing: Building incredible websites. 

We build websites using Beaver Builder because they are hands-down the easiest WordPress builder for end-users to be able to navigate to make small amendments to their site, and to add that all-important content such as written blogs. 

To go hand-in-hand with building sites, we double down on our extensive development knowledge by offering website support that means you can focus on the dollar producing activities in your business, while we make sure your website is humming along nicely in the background. 

Working with us vs a larger agency

If you’re looking for a flashy agency with an office that has views over Singapore and serves chilled cucumber water upon arrival, then we’re probably not for you. And that’s ok! 

However, if you want a dedicated team of professionals who will leave no stone unturned on the path of taking your idea from your imagination to activation, at a lower cost than those big agencies, then we may just be a match made in heaven. 

Contact us today and let’s line up a chat – online of course.

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