What’s The Big Deal About The Customer Journey?

When it comes to marketing, one of the hottest phrases in marketing right now is customer journey. But what is a customer journey and what’s all the fuss about?

A customer journey is pretty much the process of mapping out the progression of the customer, their expectations, their interactions and all in all a complete map of the stages and steps of the buying process.

Being able to understand the steps a customer takes in the buying process is really valuable, and something the business world is grabbing hold of with both hands. If you’re looking to improve your sales and grow your brand, thinking more like a customer is a sure fire way of ensuring you’re providing a product or service that your customer is searching for.

So, if you’re in business here’s a few things to consider about the customer journey and why it should matter to your business.

customer journey

Understand your customer touch points

 Get up to speed with the customer touch points for your brand including before and after the purchase by understanding why your customer is buying and each stage of their buying journey.

Finding these touch points is a matter of spending some time on the following:

  • Before your customers even proceed with the sale, it’s important that you understand the analytics of marketing through advertising, online testimonials and comments, social media engagement and general marketing. By looking at your business from the perspective of your customer and potential customers you can ensure your customers are happy every step of the way.
  • During the transaction find out your customer’s experience – regardless of whether you’re selling in a physical store or a virtual one, your customer service and sales experience should be monitored and you should understand the process of doing business.
  • Finally, once your customer has completed your transaction, there’s plenty more work that can be done to understand their experience. Focus on after sales support, questions about their experience, feedback, newsletters, and returns.

customer journey

Map the steps out in your customer journey

After you’ve taken the time to understand the steps your customer might take, then it’s time to piece the puzzle together so you can make updates and make the entire process super smooth.

Understanding your customer journey is the key to good business and allows businesses to gain valuable insight into customer experience.

If you’re looking to create your customer journey map, there are some great templates available online or you can grab some great examples that will help you to craft your own customer journey.

By being customer-centric you can quickly and easily work out what’s working for your customers and what isn’t, so you’re not spending valuable marketing dollars on elements in your business that aren’t working.

To find out more info, speak with the team from Chillybin today to create a digital marketing plan that focused on your customer journey and gets the most out of your business.

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