Can You Recover Your Webflow Account After Deleting It?

Webflow is a popular web design platform enabling users to build beautiful, responsive websites without coding knowledge. However, you may have deleted your Webflow account and realised you need access to your projects or data. In this article, we’ll explore whether recovering a deleted Webflow account is possible and the steps you can take to minimise data loss.

Webflow’s Data Retention Period

When you delete your Webflow account, your data is not immediately removed from their servers. Webflow maintains a data retention period of 30 days following the deletion of an account. During this period, your account data is stored on Webflow servers, but you won’t have access to it. This retention period allows users to recover their accounts if they change their minds or accidentally delete them.

Recovering Your Webflow Account Within the 30-Day Retention Period

If you decide that you want to recover your Webflow account within the 30-day retention period, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Webflow Support: Reach out to Webflow Support as soon as possible, providing them with your account details and explaining that you wish to recover your deleted account.
  2. Verify your identity: Webflow may ask for additional information to verify your identity and confirm that you are the account’s rightful owner.
  3. Account reactivation: If Webflow Support can verify your identity and the request is made within the 30-day retention period, they may reactivate your account, granting you access to your projects and data again.

Please note that this recovery process is not guaranteed, and success may depend on individual circumstances and the time elapsed since account deletion.

Permanent Data Deletion After the 30-Day Retention Period

After the 30-day data retention period, all your account data will be permanently deleted from Webflow servers. This includes:

  1. Projects and sites: All website projects, design assets, and site data will be deleted.
  2. Forms and submissions: Any forms and submission data associated with your sites will be removed.
  3. Hosting and billing information: Your hosting plans and billing information will also be deleted.

Once your data is permanently deleted, you cannot recover your Webflow account, sites, or data.

Precautions to Take Before Deleting Your Webflow Account

To avoid the risk of losing valuable data and assets, take the following precautions before deleting your Webflow account:

  1. Export your site: Export your Webflow site and download a copy of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and asset files. This will allow you to retain a functional site version that can be hosted elsewhere.
  2. Backup form submissions: If you have forms on your Webflow site, export the form submissions data as a CSV file to preserve the user-submitted information.
  3. Export CMS content: If your site uses Webflow’s CMS, use the Webflow CMS API or a third-party tool to export your CMS content in a format that can be imported into another platform.
  4. Transfer site ownership: If you collaborate with other users on Webflow projects, transfer site ownership to them before deleting your account.

Alternative Solutions to Deleting Your Webflow Account

If you’re unsure about permanently deleting your Webflow account, consider these alternative solutions:

  1. Temporarily unpublish your sites: If you want to make them unavailable to the public for a while, you can unpublish them without deleting your entire account.
  2. Downgrade to a free plan: If you’re on a paid plan and wish to reduce costs, consider downgrading to a free plan instead of deleting your account. This allows you to retain access to your projects and data without subscription fees.
  3. Pause collaborations: If you’re working with other team members, you can temporarily pause any collaborations without permanently deleting your account or data.
  4. Transfer domain registration: If you’ve purchased a domain through Webflow, transfer it to another domain registrar to maintain ownership and control.

By considering these alternative solutions, you can avoid deleting your Webflow account and reduce the risk of losing access to your valuable projects and data permanently.


Recovering a deleted Webflow account is possible, but only within the 30-day data retention period after account deletion. If you wish to recover your account within this timeframe, contact Webflow Support immediately and provide the necessary information to verify your identity. However, after the 30-day retention period, your account data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

To prevent data loss, take precautions before deleting your Webflow account, such as exporting your site, backing up form submissions, exporting CMS content, and transferring site ownership. Additionally, consider alternative solutions like unpublishing your sites, downgrading to a free plan, pausing collaborations, and transferring domain registration to avoid permanent account deletion.

Following these recommendations can minimise the risk of losing important data and maintain access to your Webflow projects even if you decide to delete your account.

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