3 Website Design Details That Visitors Hate

There’s a lot more that could be turning visitors off to spending more time on your website.

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There are a few things about your website that are certain to drive visitors away and they are things you might expect. Slow loading time and a website that isn’t mobile enabled get the most complaints but there’s a lot more that could be turning visitors off to spending more time on your website.

If your site loads within one or two seconds and you have a mobile version but you’re still losing visitors, it could be because they just can’t stand browsing a website with one of these design details.

1. Music and Videos That Automatically Load When the Page Is Opened

If you really want to get a knee-jerk reaction out of your visitors, nothing works better than playing music or a video as soon as the page is loaded. Unfortunately, that knee-jerk reaction isn’t likely to work in your favor. Your visitors are likely to push the back button as quickly as possible in an attempt to leave your loud website. Just think about it. Maybe they’re visiting your website at work. Or maybe they have a sleeping baby in the other room. Maybe they were just looking for a quiet browsing session.

Even if you’re a musician, don’t let any multimedia load on its own. If you just can’t resist, at least make sure the video or song is muted until the visitor makes the choice to unmute it.

2. Pages That Are Plastered with Ads

Affiliate marketing, banners, and other forms of advertising can be a great source of income but only if you use them properly. Unfortunately, many people out there believe that the more advertising there is on your website, the more opportunities they have to make money.

Although this may seem like the case on the surface, the fact is, too many ads can greatly impact the visitor experience in a negative way. Too many pop-ups count in this category too. You don’t want to be reading an article when a mysterious landing page appears. All those ads can really slow down the load time too, which can cause the page to bounce around, forcing the visitor to look for answers elsewhere.3-website-design-details-that-visitors-hate_featured2

3. Fancy Fonts and Colours

Choosing the right colours for your website is essential. As much as you may enjoy neon pink and baby blue, they just don’t make good website colours especially when it comes to text. But you also need to keep an eye on your fonts.

You may love the way Edwardian script looks but your visitors won’t. Just remember—your website isn’t meant to be an art gallery. Your content is what’s important, and being able to easily read that content is equally essential.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to designing the perfect website, you aren’t alone. If you want to get it right the first time, contact Chillybin today. We can help you find the right balance between an eye-catching website and one that’s easy to navigate.

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