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Revitalising Gloria Jeans' SEO and Franchising Potential


Gloria Jean's Coffee Singapore, a part of Kopi Ventures Pte Ltd, represents a cosy haven for coffee enthusiasts. With a focus on artisanal brews and a warm ambience, they have established themselves as a go-to spot for caffeine lovers in Singapore. Their commitment to quality and customer experience is evident in their offerings and the inviting atmosphere they create in their outlets.

The brand specialises in providing a diverse range of coffee and related products, catering to the varied tastes of its clientele. Their website serves as a digital gateway, offering insights into their menu, store locations, and the unique Gloria Jeans experience.

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Our Approach

At Chillybin we adopt a client-centric approach, focusing on understanding and meeting each client's needs. For Gloria Jean's Coffee Singapore, our method involved customisation, regular maintenance, and strategic problem-solving across three main areas.

Initial Customisation

Our first step involved receiving the website template from Gloria Jean's Coffee's central business in Australia. We then embarked on a meticulous customisation process to tailor the website for the Singapore market. This included altering products, images, banners, and content to resonate with local tastes and preferences while ensuring the essence of the Gloria Jean's Coffee brand remained intact.

SEO Audit & Rectification

Addressing the client's concerns about SEO, we conducted a comprehensive audit to identify the root causes of the issues. We discovered several technical problems originating from misconfigurations by the original agency. Our team then initiated a thorough cleanup process to rectify these issues, aiming to enhance the website's search engine optimisation and overall digital performance.

Maintenance Phase

Over the past two years, we have provided and will continue to provide ongoing website maintenance. This has been crucial for keeping the website up-to-date and relevant. We made incremental product changes per the client's requirements, ensuring the website remained dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of the Singapore market.

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The Problem

Gloria Jean's Coffee Singapore faced two primary challenges: a significant issue with technical problems affecting their search engine optimisation, and the other was their franchising section was not easy for potential franchisees to find or use.

SEO Issues: Technical Setbacks and Misconfigurations

Gloria Jean's Coffee Singapore's website was plagued with several technical issues that severely impacted its search engine optimisation (SEO). These problems were not mere surface-level glitches but stemmed from deeper misconfigurations.

The root of these issues could be traced back to the original agency in Australia which had set up the website. These misconfigurations led to many problems, including poor search engine rankings, reduced online visibility, and a less effective user experience than desired.

Franchising Section: Inefficiency in Targeting Potential Franchisees

A significant part of Gloria Jeans Coffee's expansion strategy in Singapore involved promoting and opening new franchises.

The client was keen on attracting the right partners to grow their brand. However, the existing setup of the franchising section on their website was not aligned with this ambition. It lacked the necessary appeal and clarity to attract and inform potential franchisees effectively. The section was underperforming in terms of user engagement and failed to communicate the brand's value proposition and the opportunities it offered to prospective partners. This inefficiency in the franchising section was a significant hurdle in the client's expansion plans within the Singapore market.

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The Solution

Chillybin’s intervention for Gloria Jeans Coffee Singapore went beyond customisation and maintenance. We identified, diagnosed, and rectified complex SEO issues and revamped the franchising section to align with the client's evolving needs.

Our work significantly enhanced Gloria Jeans' digital presence in Singapore, ensuring it was optimised and aligned with their business objectives.

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