How to Make Bullet Points in Your Content Work for You and Your Readers

Bullet points are excellent for making your content easily digestible for your readers. Here’s how you can effectively use this tool for you

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Here at Chillybin, we’ve talked a lot about content marketing.

We’ve talked about how you can tell if your content stinks. We’ve talked about what content marketing is and why you need it. We’ve even gone over the tone and style you should use when blogging. We cover so many aspects of content marketing, and will continue to do so, simply because we recognize the power of content to the success of your business.

However, no matter how closely you follow all the rules, if your content doesn’t seem approachable, no one will read it. Even if you’ve written some great stuff!

Looking for an easy way to attract, and keep, your readers’ attention? Do it with bullet points!

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Bullet points are easily digestible

Why bother with bullet points? They make your content extremely digestible. Let’s demonstrate with an example.

Which is easier for you to read:

Our licensed contractor can provide you with a wide variety of home improvement projects that will make your home shine. If you’re looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home, upgrade to double paned windows. Looking for a little extra space to stretch your legs? Consider a home addition or sunroom. Tired of practicing your cooking skills in a cramped kitchen, we can help with that too! We create custom kitchens that look like they were taken from the front page of your favorite home magazine.


Our licensed contractor can provide you with a wide variety of home improvement projects that include:

  • Double paned windows: Increase the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Home additions and sunrooms: Create a new space and increase your home’s square footage.
  • Kitchen remodel: Upgrade to a custom kitchen that looks like it came out of your favorite home magazine.

Which one would you rather read?


How to do bullet points right

There’s no question that bullet points can enhance your content, but exactly how do you use them correctly? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t use too many: Use at least three, but no more than seven. The more content in each bullet, the fewer bullet points you should have.
  • Keep things consistent: Lead each point similarly, and use punctuation consistently.
  • Get creative: List products, services, awards, product details, and more.
  • Keep it short: A good bulleted item shouldn’t take up any more than two lines of space; less is even better.

Looking for an easy way to get started? Treat each bullet point as if it was its own standalone headline. That way, even if readers only pay attention to your bulleted lists, they’ll be left with a lasting impression of your content.

Practice makes perfect

Bullet points take a bit of practice, but they can make your content more readable. The more readable your content is, the better you’ll be able to keep your readers’ attention. The longer you keep their attention, they more likely they will be to make a purchase. Have too much on your plate to worry about crafting the perfect bulleted lists? Let us do it for you! Contact us today and we can tell you how we can craft the perfect content marketing strategy for your business.

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