Website Copywriting Matters!

Are you'd be focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing interface with a seamless user experience?

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Website Copywriting Matters!

What aspects of building a website are top priority to you? Whether or not you’ve been involved in building one, chances are you’d be focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing interface with a seamless user experience. Yet there is one essential element which many tend to get overlooked: content. Now, when we say “content”, we are referring to the written word, i.e. website copywriting.

We have become so accustomed to hearing everyone claim that his product is the best in the world, or the cheapest, that we take all such statements with a grain of salt. — Robert Collier

You see, while a lovely designed website can capture your attention, you still need content to educate visitors about your company’s values, philosophy, cause, and not to mention, the products and/or services that you’re selling. You may think, “I’ve got that covered. All I need to do is to plunk all the information I have and my website visitors would read it.” Be honest with yourself. If you came across a website featuring endless paragraphs of prose, would you read it? Of course not. Most of us have a tendency to be impatient readers. Notably on the web, we “scan” to filter out irrelevant segments of information before arriving at a particular segment of interest. Even then, at the slightest hint of being draggy and boring, we can still lose interest. Engaging and retaining the attention of website visitors is harder than ever nowadays. With this challenge at hand, our advice is to pay attention to more than just what you are saying on your website. HOW you say it is just as important. It’s time we reconsider copywriting as an invaluable component of the website creation mix.

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