Top tips for increasing your businesses reach on Facebook

In business your digital presence is king, and you want to ensure you’re kicking goals when it comes to your social media platforms.

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In business your digital presence is king, and you want to ensure you’re kicking goals when it comes to your social media platforms. While it’s easy to get caught up in the amount of likes, comments and shares you’re receiving from your followers and fans, the truth of the matter is, you really should be focusing on reach and the metrics behind any increases or decreases in your business page analytics.

What’s all the fuss about organic Facebook reach?

As a quick overview, Facebook reach is the number of unique people who see your content on your page and the measurement of your brand or business’s effective audience. If you spend a little bit of time on Facebook, you’d be aware that your followers don’t see every post you publish on Facebook, and to boost your reach you’ll need to embark on activities to enhance your organic, viral and paid reach. In this article, we’ll focus on boosting your organic reach, which is basically the people who see your content for free without your business needs to spend big bucks on advertising. Here are our tips for growing your organic reach

Here are our tips for growing your organic reach

Publish fresh & evergreen content

No one likes rehashed content, and on Facebook freshness is the key to getting organic reach. Focus on creating content that is timeless and can be shared again and again. The Facebook algorithm will work on distributing your content far and wide, and this means your content will stay fresh and in feeds, with the flow on effect being a post that your followers like and comment on for longer.

Start a group of VIP’s

Everyone loves a little bit of VIP service, and by starting a group that is highly engaged, you can drive organic reach and engage with your brand’s devotees so they can beat the drum on your behalf. Don’t just create a group for the sake of it, have a clear goal and focus on inviting brand advocates that add value to your business.

Get a little targeted on your posting

Often we don’t have too much rhyme or reason behind our social media posts. If you want to seriously boost your organic reach one of the simplest ways is to target your audience based on specific demographic factors such as gender, location, and interests, you can also focus on core audiences, custom audiences and lookalike audiences. Find out more about targeting here.

Figure out your optimal posting time

There is no magic hour for posting, but if you can find out when your competitors are asleep you might be able to focus on the optimal time for your post so you can get the most organic reach out of your online activity. By running a simple report or using analytics such as Report Garden you can find out the key times your audience is online and do some testing. Some other quick ways of boosting your organic reach can also include refraining from posting content that is irrelevant to your audience and also focusing on posting fresh and unique videos on Facebook to drive reach.

Tips for organic reach for your business Facebook page seems like a revolving door in some cases, as the algorithm changes and businesses get savvier. However, if you use a few of the basic tips outlined above you should be able to make your business posts go further without the need for expensive advertising campaigns.

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